As soon as the new 16" MacBook Pro was announced, after months and months of rumours, I took one look - that Keyboard, that screen, those speakers, and I was in.

A week later my Mac came. 32 Gigs of Ram. 1TB SDD. Woo!

And, it's a great machine. Sometimes. Other times I want to throw it out of the window. Niggle after niggle. Crossing all fingers hoping that the next update is going to fix things, to find another nuanced issue I have to piss about with. Here's what I'm talking about.

UPDATE - It's the dock !

Yes, it's that little calDigit dock you can see in the picture there. I got in touch with calDigit, and they confirmed that Apple have introduced a few issues (all sleep-related) with their latest OS (Catalina). They're working with calDigit and other manufacturers to find a solution. In the meantime, they recommended resetting my NVRAM and SMC, and that seems to have done the trick.

Go the f*** to sleep

This used to be the most reliable thing on a mac.. You close the lid, it sleeps. You open the lid, BLAMMO. Not my experience any more.

  • Random restarts when you wake from sleep. Something has gone wrong, and the laptop has restarted. All I can do is submit an error report to Apple to vent my frustration.
  • The external monitor randomly isn't detected on wake from sleep. Unplug cables, plug into different USB-C ports. Nothing apart from a restart works.
  • Sometimes the bluetooth mouse goes really janky after waking the laptop. I need to disconnect it, and from bluetooth prefs connect again for normal service to resume.

Fan Mania

My old MBP from 2016 was pretty quiet all the time. This one, well it does like to exercise those fans. Video calls seem to be a trigger point, and quite often I seem to have orphaned dotnet processes hanging around wasting CPU causing the fan to buzz away in the background.

Well there you go. Obviously I'm extremely lucky to have such a powerful laptop, and generally speaking I do appreciate the machine. But man these niggles are driving me mad. /rant :)