NEW: Azure WebJobs v3.0 in .NET Core 2.1 (with DI,configuration,logging etc)

Back in 2017 I wrote a fairly popular (by my standards) post about Azure webjobs and getting it all to work in .net core 2.0. Well, fast forward to »

Azure WebJobs in .NET Core 2 (with DI and configuration)

I recently needed to migrate some azure webjobs to .NET core 2.0. This is something that's not massively documented (probably because the .net libraries were only ported to core »

Azure alerts via SMS using Clockwork SMS

I have a bunch of azure alerts set up that I really need to worry about, so for me SMS is the best way to make sure that I don't »

Finally... I'm quite happy with my blog!

I've finally gotten around to sorting out my blog, so that it's setup how I want it to be, with a theme I'm happy with as a starting point. Here's »

ASP.NET Core RC2 ... How feasible is migration?

Yeah! RC2 is here! Microsoft have well and truly moved the cheese with this one. I'm trying to remain on the fence with an opinion about all this until I »