The not-so-good things about my new 16" MacBook Pro

A blatant rant about the niggles I face with my mac »

Let's encrypt on Azure Appservices (with Local Cache)

SSL certificates eh. We all want them, but as an industry, I think we're coming round to the conclusion that we shouldn't have to pay for them to protect users »

NEW: Azure WebJobs v3.0 in .NET Core 2.1 (with DI,configuration,logging etc)

Back in 2017 I wrote a fairly popular (by my standards) post about Azure webjobs and getting it all to work in .net core 2.0. Well, fast forward to »

Azure WebJobs in .NET Core 2 (with DI and configuration)

I recently needed to migrate some azure webjobs to .NET core 2.0. This is something that's not massively documented (probably because the .net libraries were only ported to core »

Azure alerts via SMS using Clockwork SMS

I have a bunch of azure alerts set up that I really need to worry about, so for me SMS is the best way to make sure that I don't »